Thursday, August 07, 2008

Huzzah! Blog the Blogger!

Every once in a while I check Google Analytics for a sense of the traffic Shellpile gets. I think we've topped out at about five or six hits on a given day, only a few that stay for more than a few seconds. It's fun to see we've gotten repeat visits from as far away as South Korea. Needless to say, I'm not in it for the traffic, but it's great to get the occasional affirmation from a stranger who stumbles on the site.

So, I just checked and found that my July 4 post on the Morristown celebration had gotten a few hits over the past few weeks. That's great, but I wondered why -- I hadn't promoted it or linked to any other sites. Doing a little detective work through Analytics, I discovered that the Morristown Green section of had quoted directly from that page! How cool is that?


Lisa Clarke said...

That's how I found you. And I still come back now and then :-) Always nice to stumble upon someone relatively local, I think.

Tipitina said...

Thanks for dropping by, Lisa! The web community seems to get that much smaller every time you run into someone who's nearby.