Monday, July 10, 2006

From the doghouse to the penthouse

This is my buddy Pete (the dude on the right). He spent over two years at the animal shelter where I used to volunteer. Great dog, very quirky. Some kind of mix of mastiff and bulldog and probably something else -- we couldn't figure it out.

Anyway, Pete and I got to be pals because I was one of the few people who could walk him without getting dragged. He'd see me coming with the leash, and he'd start jumping up and down like a Jack Russell terrier, except Pete is close to 100 pounds. It was amazing. Pete was partial to women, and after a while, he'd even sit in my lap gently, not putting his full weight on me.

Anyway, Pete finally got adopted by a nice couple. The man looked about the way Pete would look if he were human -- tall and beefy -- and the woman was petite and fussed over him, just as he likes. So after spending over two years living in a trailer next to the municipal dump and the police shooting range, Pete is living the life of luxury. He has a summer home on the Jersey Shore, and a boat, among other things. Most importantly, he has a dad who understands him and knows how to treat him when he steals someone's steak. Yup, Pete has the good life. He deserves it.


PhDilettante said...

Uh, and a girlfriend, too?

Tipitina said...

Ah, yes - I should explain: Stratton (the, uh, mature golden retriever here) is probably the only dog Pete had gotten along with in three years. He tended to be very "alpha" at the shelter. No word on any romance.

RayPod said...

Do you think they could have a similar relocation service for human?

Tipitina said...

Good point. I asked that, myself. You'd think that after two years of walks, petting, coddling and sweet talking, Pete would have at least invited me down the shore for a boat ride (yes, he has a boat, too). But nooooooooooooo.

Coco said...

That's a man for ya

Sophie said...

Love 'em,
Leave 'em
Forget about 'em.

Typical male!