Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rock bands, etc.

Coco mentioned that Smoking Caldera sounds like a punk band. Reminds me of a time when some sort of strange substance was found on the ground, having fallen like rain in a town not far from here. The newspaper headline read: Mysterious Goo Found in S. Plainfield.

"Mysterious Goo." You don't see that phrase often, especially in a newspaper. Made me think: it's a pretty cool rap artist name. 'Cept you'd have to spell it:

Ms. Teary S. Gu
And somewhere in between would have to be some sort of unpronounceable symbol. Thoughts?


Coco said...

Ms. Teary S. Gu is a famous professor of Ayurvedic Feminist Studies in Pune.

Doohdle said...

Yo dog.